A Data driven spatial installation at KABK, Den Haag

Text and Space is a physical translation of the text. I created a system which uses the text as input. It extracts the required data from the text in order to create an space and spacial experiment for the viewers. Every word becomes a dot in a three dimensional space and by connecting the dots a new space is evolved. This project is one of my first attempts working with text and data as material and shaping my visuals through systematic approach.

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amir houieh - Text & Space-mg_9988-2x.jpg
amir houieh - Text & Space-1-00-2x.jpg
amir houieh - Text & Space-2-01-2x.jpg
amir houieh - Text & Space-3-mg_0047-2x.jpg
amir houieh - Text & Space-5-mg_0048-2x.jpg
amir houieh - Text & Space-6-mg_0061-2x.jpg
amir houieh - Text & Space-7-mg_9970-2x.jpg
amir houieh - Text & Space-8-mg_9994-2x.jpg