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at Artez Graphic design department,

Rexperimental Framework happened as a 4 days workshop given by amir houieh with BA students from Graphic Design Arnhem, in October 2018 at Artez. The workshop aimed to discuss and develop experimental publishing frameworks in our digital realm based on decentralized and distributed networks. The workshop consist of 4 lectures and one project assignment. The workshop was an extension to REPUB project. The lectures introduces topics such as content flow in digital environments, the fundamental of the web and decentralized networks like p2p.

As the assignment students needed to design an alternative model for content production and consumption as well as distribution in form a publishing framework. In other words they needed to design how users could produce and manage their content as well as how this content is published through a an interface. The distribution part of framework must occur on a decentralized-distributed network. At the end the workshop yields into several different projects which you can read more about on the website of the workshop.

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